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We are so much more than “just” food and shelter. We provide customized care to enable our youth to successfully transition from CHNJ.
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We Provide Many Services at CHNJ

When a youth arrives at one of our Residential Crisis Centers for help, we meet them where they are. We start with a smile, a kind word, a meal, a shower, clean clothes, and a bed where our kids can safely get some much needed rest. But that is just the start of what we do. In addition, we provide additional services and customized care designed to help transition youth to long term independent living.

Within hours of their arrival, our professional staff is conducting assessments to determine a young person’s needs. Our youth typically come from a background of trauma which may also include Human Trafficking. Once all of the assessments are complete we co-create a case plan that assists each youth identify their obstacles and goals. We motivate and support our young people to reach their goals in education, employment, and wellness.

Our on-site staff consists of service managers, youth advisors, behavioral health specialists, lawyers, medical professionals, and our Dove Learning Center team. We are ready to help our young people overcome the obstacles they face. At CHNJ, our young people have a place to call home and a supportive community that genuinely cares for them.

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