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We know that a young person’s journey to success does not end when they leave Covenant House. Through our Alumni Services program, we welcome our youth back to participate in holiday celebrations, special events, and marketing campaigns If you are a young person who received help from Covenant House, we would love to reconnect with you, even if it is just to say ‘Hi’. 

Alumni Services

Contact Information for Alumni

If you are Alumni and would like to reconnect with us, please complete the following form.

North Jersey

Rochelle Green-Carter
Northern New Jersey

John Kieffer Hessler
Northern New Jersey

South Jersey

Genea Bullock
Southern New Jersey

Tiffanie Woodo
Southern New Jersey

Raphael’s Life House

Lori Ruzich
Raphael’s Life House, Nancy’s Place

What We Need

If you would like to help serve our Alumni the best way is to

Are you a youth in need of help?