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Our Outreach Team works to develop relationships with youth on the streets, building trust, offering them assistance with basic necessities and inviting them to stay at one of our Residential Crisis Centers in Newark or Atlantic City.


Our Outreach team is on the streets, in schools, transportation centers reaching out to youth in crisis. Our goal is to reach them before they become victims of human trafficking, drug dealers, gangs or hopelessness.

Our specially trained outreach team finds and connects with at-risk youth, ensuring they know we are here to help, and providing them with food, counseling, and assistance, and information on our programs.

Our Team focus on homeless youth between under the age of 22 and any former residents who are back in an unsafe living situation. We never give up on our young people. Our Outreach Teams operate out of our Crisis Centers and Drop In Centers.

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As part of our outreach efforts, we operate two 24/7 phone lines. In North Jersey call 973-621-8705. In South Jersey call 609-348-4070.

Resources We Provide

Human Trafficking Outreach

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Our Outreach Team is an integral part of our fight against human trafficking in New Jersey.

With access to international transportation via our many seaports, airports, and highways, New Jersey ranks 12th in the nation for calls to the Human Trafficking Hotline.

We are law enforcement’s #1 emergency crisis center for trafficking victims under the age of 22.

Our Outreach Team works with the National Human Trafficking Hotline 888-373-7888, to connect with and support trafficking victims.

School and Agency Outreach

Our Outreach Team maintains relationships with dozens of social service partners and schools throughout New Jersey. We attend community meetings/forums, and also work with high school social workers to help identify homeless, runaway, and at-risk youth.

Our staff is available to address community organizations, school assemblies, and church groups, as we continue to spread the word, and help prevent more youth from ending up on the street.

Knowing the dangers of the street, our number one goal is to get the youth we meet to safety. Then we can begin the healing process, the counseling, and the critical case management. Together with our community partners, we can provide and connect them with all of the services they need to turn their lives around.

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