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To identify and serve trafficking victims, we began our anti-human trafficking work in late 2015. We recognized the lack of consensus among providers about how to identify and serve human trafficking survivors. We committed to creating evidence-based approaches that would serve as a model for service providers in NJ and beyond.

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Recognizing Human Trafficking Among Homeless Youth – Covenant House New Jersey (CHNJ) needed to know how many of its clients were survivors of trafficking; moreover, CHNJ aimed to strengthen the evidence-base for service provision to homeless youth with a trafficking experience. In this way, CHNJ sought to improve the care of this important subset of its client population.

Screening for human trafficking among homeless young adults – The aim of this study was to develop a sensitive, brief, and user-friendly trafficking screening tool for homeless young adults.

QYIT – Quick Youth Indicators for Trafficking: A “yes” to at least one of the four questions, has a sensitivity of 87.1% for identifying trafficking; and a specificity of 76.7%.

A supportive adult may be the difference in homeless youth not being trafficked – This study is the largest to specifically assess homeless youth’s demographic and social variables for association with trafficking experience.

Lowering the Odds – What the evidence shows about HT and resilience.

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