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We serve young people with absolute respect and unconditional love, equipping and empowering them to overcome the obstacles to reach their goals.

All of our services are free. There is no cost and our young people do not need insurance.

Covenant House New Jersey is a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. We meet each young person right where they are. Each service we provide is here to strengthen our young people’s resilience so they are able to overcome the obstacles they face to become independent.

Services We Provide


On the Streets…

Our Outreach Team works to develop relationships with youth on the streets, building trust, offering them assistance with basic necessities and inviting them to stay at one of our Residential Crisis Centers in Newark or Atlantic City.

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Drop-in Centers

We provide Drop-In services to youth walking in from the streets in five locations in New Jersey.

This includes our three Drop-in Centers located in Asbury Park, Camden, and Jersey City and our two Crisis Centers located in Atlantic City and Newark.

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Crisis Care & Stable Housing

Covenant House New Jersey’s Residential Crisis Centers are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When a young person is in need they can walk in our door or call our main number.

Once they come in we start working right away to meet them where they are. This might be a meal, a shower, and a bed where they can get some rest.

Once a young person is safe we collaborate with them to create their own plan for their future.

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Health & Wellness

We have a medical services office on site to meet the health and wellness needs of our young people. Our on-site, licensed mental health care staff assess the emotional well being of our young people ensuring they receive any help they need.





Education, Employment & Life Skills

It is our goal to help the young people who come to us develop plans for their future that will enable them to create and maintain positive living environments. To achieve this goal, they will need to find and maintain employment. Often to get the job they want they will need to complete some education.

Over our 30 year history, we are continuously looking at ways we can improve the outcomes for our young people. in June of 2016, we launched a pilot learning initiative called the Dove Learning Center or “DLC” in both of Residential Crisis Centers.

Dove Learning Center

Covenant House New Jersey has developed the Dove Learning Center utilizing a blended-learning approach to strengthen resilience skills – so vital to maintaining a positive living environment – in the homeless youth we serve.

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Youth Advocacy Center

We established the Youth Advocacy Center to help our young people with civil legal matters, including but not limited to municipal court cases, immigration matters, barriers to education and employment, consumer protection, and public benefit appeals. From expungements to credit repair, our staff attorneys provide an array of much-needed services to our young people.




For many of our young people, the kids and staff at Covenant House New Jersey become their family. As such we seek to provide our young people with the normal family events to celebrate special occasions, their birthdays, graduations, and the holidays.

Meet our Young People

Jordan’s Story

Growing up, both of my parent’s sold drugs. My father was a member of one of the most violent gangs …

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Shawn’s Story

In another home I was forced to kneel on uncooked rice as punishment.

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Justine’s Story

When I was younger my mother killed my sister who was only five months old and went to jail.

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Child sleeping outside

Kenny’s Story

My father walked out on our family on my first birthday. My mother being so young and unable to support …

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A child with their head down between their knees

Are you a youth in need of help?