GET HELP - Are you a young person in need of help?

Partner with us to make a difference!

There are countless ways your organization and your employees can work together with us to make a difference for homeless and at-risk young people.

Our partnerships won’t just help vulnerable youth; they will also help your business. Corporate social responsibility is frequently on the minds of consumers, and it plays a large role in their purchasing decisions. 

Service Day

Employee Engagement Opportunities

Corporate Services Days are an excellent opportunity for companies looking to engage directly and provide hands-on assistance to our young people.

Covenant House New Jersey’s team will work with your company to develop a service project that facilitates team building and serves the needs of our young people. 


Join Our Campaigns

We organize campaigns throughout the year that you and your team can join.

Donations and Sponsorships

Promote your business by making a corporate donation, sponsoring an event, or starting a cause marketing campaign. We can work with you to recognize and celebrate your company’s generosity in ways that are most beneficial to your organization.

Event Sponsorship

Sleep Outs
Student Sleep Outs
Spring Lake Golf Outing
Do It Yourself Fundraising Event

Employee Giving

Incorporate fundraising into your workplace events.

As a team, you will support the over 3,000 young women and men who visit Covenant House New Jersey for help each year.

Become a Matching Donor

Inspire others to give by becoming the matching donor for one of our campaigns. You can also encourage your staff to donate by matching their payroll deductions, annual donations or the funds they raise at an event.


Are you a youth in need of help?