GET HELP - Are you a young person in need of help?

Sponsors of a Night of Covenant House Stars make a tremendous impact on the lives of youth experiencing homelessness and we are so grateful to the companies and individuals who are joining us in this special experience.

What are my sponsorship opportunities?

Marquee – $100,000

Platinum – $50,000

Gold – $25,000

Silver – $10,000

Bronze – $5,000

Rising Star – $2,500

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All contributions are non-refundable. For U.S. residents, contributions made for which no goods or services were received are tax-deductible as a charitable contribution.

Covenant House New Jersey’s Tax ID is 13-3537710

Thank you to the Berger Family for matching your sponsorships dollar-for-dollar!


When a plan for the future is made, dreams for what that future can hold develop. Marquee supporters provide hope for young people overcoming homelessness who are excited for what lies ahead.


When the basic needs of young people are met, they can begin to plan for their futures. Platinum supporters enable young people to pursue schooling and occupational passions through educational programs.


Everyone wants to be self-sufficient and a productive member of our society. Gold level supporters enable Covenant House youth to access job readiness training for a more secure future.


Trauma from being homeless can manifest itself in many ways for the young people at Covenant House. Silver supporters ensure that the youth have access to counseling support and a path toward healing.


Youth experiencing homelessness have often missed critical health screenings and can develop chronic conditions. Bronze supporters ensure that Covenant House youth receive the medical care they deserve for a strong and healthy lifestyle.


Rising Stars ensure that Covenant House youth have access to healthy and nutritious food upon arrival at any location and throughout their residency.


At this critical time, please consider FUNDING A NEED to care for homeless and trafficked youth. If you would like to review our FUND A NEED opportunities click the link below

Please consider mailing your gift to avoid handling fees. Mail-in your payment and our Sponsorship form to:

Covenant House New Jersey
Attn: Night of Covenant House Stars
330 Washington St.
Newark, NJ 07102

Click below to download the Covenant House New Jersey Sponsorship form:

Covenant House New Jersey Sponsorship Form

Sponsorship Contact

Laura Diaz

Are you a youth in need of help?