GET HELP - Are you a young person in need of help?

Date: 10/01/2021

1Huddle has stepped up in a number of big ways for our youth at Covenant House New Jersey in the last few years. From fundraising and Sleeping Out, to creating and collaborating on technology that will help our youth, 1 Huddle has helped at every step of the way.  Listen in as Sam Caucci, CEO and Founder of 1Huddle talks to our Executive Director, Jim White about generational poverty, training young people, and leadership. Jim shares, “When you come to the work, you have to bring your best self.” A take away not only leaders but employees of all levels can seek insight from. 

We are so grateful to have 1Huddle as a partner, who values the importance of giving back. Their dedication to help our youth speaks volumes about the integrity of the team and their leadership. 1Huddle turns anything a team needs to know into a deceptively simple, highly effective mobile game proven to level up workers quickly. The team has done a remarkable job in creating games that also help the youth at Covenant House New Jersey, learn the skills they need on their path to independence.

Are you a youth in need of help?