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Jordan’s Story

Growing up, both of my parent’s sold drugs. My father was a member of one of the most violent gangs …

Date: 08/26/2019

Shawn’s Story

In another home I was forced to kneel on uncooked rice as punishment.

Date: 08/23/2019

Justine’s Story

When I was younger my mother killed my sister who was only five months old and went to jail.

Date: 08/14/2019

Kenny’s Story

My father walked out on our family on my first birthday. My mother being so young and unable to support …

Date: 08/08/2019

Charlie’s Story

My name is Charlie.  I am 21 years old from Jersey City. Growing up was challenging for me. My mother …

Date: 08/08/2019

Sleep Out Champions 2018-2019

Sleep Out: Executive Edition 2018 Jim OBrien $43,475.00 Timothy Baxter $24,575.00 Robert Williams $22,380.00 Nicholas Vene $18,100.00 Roy Henriksson $17,661.25 …

Date: 08/05/2019

Are you a youth in need of help?