GET HELP - Are you a young person in need of help?

Date: 04/11/2019

We welcomed Peapack and Gladstone Bank (P&G) to CHNJ in mid-April to learn about our youth and the work we do and more importantly, to work directly with our youth in our Dove Learning Center (DLC).  

After an overview of the work we do at CHNJ, P&G heard directly from two of our youth in a Q&A format.  They described their circumstances that led them into homelessness and ultimately to CHNJ.  They also discussed their experiences here at CHNJ and the work they are doing to transition to independent living.

But the most engaging part of the day was when we broke up into small groups with our youth at the DLC to go on a hypothetical road trip vacation.  Each group was given $2,000 to spend on their vacation and they were also hit with some unexpected surprises along the way both positive (Mom sent you $100 to spend) and negative (flat tire costs you $150).  Understanding wants vs. needs and how to budget (a trip) were key objectives of the exercise and what better group to help with financial literacy than P&G Bank.  Financial literacy is one of five core principles we’re teaching at the DLC to help youth navigate successfully in today’s world.  Enhancing these five skills are essential for them to succeed in the world and ultimately to transition to independent living.

Thank you P&G for joining us to support our youth and our work and thanks for sponsoring today’s terrific lunch.

If your company is interested in joining us for a Service Day experience, please contact Janette Scrozzo via email or at 973 286-3544.

Are you a youth in need of help?