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Date: 08/05/2021

The early morning cries and giggles of newborn babies have grown louder at Covenant House New Jersey’s Mother-Child program, Raphael’s Life House (RLH). We welcomed NINE beautiful babies into our home and hearts throughout a global pandemic; yes, you heard right, NINE! 

We often looked for Light to shine through during this challenging year, and the arrival of many new babies this spring and summer has been just that, Light. The baby boom at RLH has brought us four new arrivals in July alone, including a set of twin boys! But, wait! Two more babies are expected to be born this coming fall!

We want to introduce you to two of our amazing moms, who would like to share how RLH has helped them as an individual and a mother. 

Meet Rebbecca, who came to RLH on April 14, 2021, expecting a baby girl this summer. 

She shares, “I came to Covenant House because I didn’t have anywhere to go, and I was going house to house. Being at RLH means a lot to me. RLH has helped me with motherhood by providing a lot of basic training classes. Being a new mom is scary, but receiving training like Baby Care basics has helped a lot.”

Amber, in the photo below,  has been a part of our RLH family since August 13, 2020, along with her daughter Madison Grace, born December 8, 2020. Amber came because she needed a safe place to raise her daughter. She shares, “I needed a place where I wasn’t going to be judged”.

“Being at RLH means I get a second chance. I am given the opportunity to get back on my feet and become the best mom I can be. RLH has helped me realize my past is not my potential and that I can and will do better for myself and my baby girl, Maddie. A year ago, I didn’t know how to be a mom or even know how to change a diaper, but RLH has provided me with the skills to be a responsible adult and mom. Being a mom is a full-time job. It’s very stressful, especially when you are a single parent. RLH has made the transition to motherhood seamless. Since being at RLH I have been given housing opportunities, work employment, and mom & baby support groups. RLH gets moms started with a youth saving plan to help deposit our work income. This has provided me with the financial literacy all moms should know. I am now on a better path than where I was a year ago. I hope to take the skills and knowledge I have learned at RLH and use them in my next chapter in life.” 

One thing could not ring more true at this moment, and that is; miracles happen. Every single day. Pandemic and all. Our moms and babies are proof of that. We found the Light, and it shines inside the walls of Raphael’s Life House. It shines in Amber, and Rebbecca, is heard in our moms helping fellow moms, is seen in all the babies’ “firsts” that happen here. It is only possible because of YOU! 

The new babies we are bringing into the world, the babies on their way, and the strong mothers who will raise them have a home, education, and job opportunities because of our wonderful CHNJ community.

Are you a youth in need of help?