November 1, 2023

Reasons to Donate to Covenant House New Jersey

Reason #1 – Support Our Amazing Youth Like Chloe

You can support our amazing youth like Chloe, who when faced with the daunting prospect of homelessness, turned to Covenant House New Jersey (CHNJ) for help. We provide a safe haven, a support system, and a path toward independence for youth aged 18-21 who are navigating the challenging waters of homelessness. Here is Chloe’s heartwarming and courageous story who found solace and transformation within the walls of CHNJ.

A Leap of Faith

Like many others who find our services, Chloe’s journey began with trepidation. Struggling with homelessness and raising two young children on her own, she had previously sought refuge in a shelter in a different county. However, the desire to secure a better future for herself and her children led her to CHNJ.

“I didn’t quite know what to expect. I’m gonna be honest, I was scared,” she confesses. But despite her apprehension, she stepped through the doors of Covenant House, not just for herself but for the little ones who looked up to her as their mommy.

We Provide More than Food and Shelter

Within our warm and welcoming embrace, Chloe began a transformative journey. She recounts the invaluable life lessons she gained during her stay – learning time management, establishing a daily routine, and becoming a member of a new community. These skills are crucial for anyone looking to regain their independence and move towards independent living and are part of what we do here at CHNJ.

Moreover, we  helped her obtain a certification in food safety management through the Ideal School. This certification opened doors for her to work on a food truck and participate in an enriching program that expanded her horizons. It was an opportunity for her to gain valuable work experience and build a stable foundation for her family’s future.

Listen to Chloe speak about her journey

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Covenant House experience is the sense of community and family it provides. Chloe speaks fondly of the people she met at Covenant House and the countless cherished memories she created during her time there. It was here that she found a family and support system she had never experienced before. You can hear directly from her about her journey in this short video.

A New Beginning

Fast forward to the present, and Chloe is now on the cusp of a new chapter in her life. With our unwavering support, she is preparing to move into her own apartment, a milestone that would have seemed like a distant dream not too long ago.  You can learn more about our transitional living programs called Rights of Passage, along with our other supportive services here.

Reflecting on her journey, she is unequivocal in her response to a question she was once asked: “Would you give back to Covenant House?” Without hesitation, she exclaims, “Yes, I would. In fact, I do.” Today, she teaches classes at our Rights of Passage (ROP) Independent Living program. Her classes include cooking and interview skills, providing valuable guidance to other young adults on their own paths to independence.

Help Us Support Youth Like Chloe

Chloe is grateful to CHNJ for opening its doors to her and her family during their time of need. We are not just a shelter; we’re a place where lives are transformed, where dreams are nurtured, and where a brighter future becomes a reality.  But we couldn’t do it without your support…whether for Giving Tuesday or for the holiday season, please donate to help the youth facing homelessness we serve as we turn fear into hope, despair into determination, and isolation into a sense of belonging. 

November is Youth Homelessness Awareness Month. We hope you will think of us and support our amazing youth like Chloe.

To protect her identity, we have not used Chloe’s real name, nor her image.