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CHARTing a course to safety and stability for youth experiencing homelessness and survivors of human trafficking through services, research, training, and advocacy.

Where youth services and innovation meet

As experts in the field of service to youth experiencing homelessness and trafficking, CHNJ saw a disconnect between research and services. CHART was established to contribute with:

  • Action research
  • Evidence for impactful services
  • Shared findings

Relevant Models for Care

Powered by in-depth research and up-to-date data, CHART enables us to better serve survivors of human trafficking and homelessness through:

  • Revised & relevant models of care
  • Meaningful contributions to regional and national dialogues

CHART at Glance

CHART’s approach rests on three core pillars


Caring for Survivors

CHART is the largest provider of services to survivors of human trafficking in NJ. These include:

Early Screening & Identification

Early Screening & Identification



Case management

Case management

Legal representation

Legal representation

Open 24/7, 365 days a year

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Latest Tools and Resources

FY23 Impact Report

In FY23, our reach expanded to serve 1,488 young people across our core programs and services vs. 1,248 in the prior fiscal year.

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Rob Experienced Forced Criminality

At an early age, Rob has experienced forced criminality. He ran away from his foster home when he was ten years old, and became involved with a trafficker who began using him to move drugs.

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Labor Trafficking by Forced Criminality

On May 8, 2023, researchers from Covenant House New Jersey and Harvard Medical School publicly released a new article published in Criminal Law Bulletin, β€œA Case of Mistaken Identity: The Criminalization of Victims of Labor Trafficking by Forced Criminality.”

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Doing More to Identify Victims of Human Trafficking

CHART is a relatively recent addition to Covenant House NJ and enables us to better identify and serve victims of human trafficking and youth facing homelessness.

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Julia Einbond and the Great Work of CHART

Julia Einbond currently leads our work at CHART. Effective July 1, 2023, she will become the Executive Director of CHNJ. We talked to her about all the work occurring at CHART.

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Lowering the Odds

What the evidence shows about Human Trafficking and resilience

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QYIT – Quick Youth Indicators for Trafficking

QYIT enables a rapid assessment that means timely access to lifesaving services.

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Where our advisory services are being used



At CHART, we are uniquely positioned to bring together research and services. Like everything we do at Covenant House New Jersey, we begin by listening to the people we serve.

Meghan Leigh
Senior Director of CHART

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