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Improving care of our young people through innovation

At CHNJ, we are constantly looking to evaluate and enhance our processes to better serve our youth across the organization.  To assist in this process, within CHNJ we have created CHART (Covenant House Action and Research Tank).  Designed as an “action tank,” CHART will collect data and conduct research on direct service provision to CHNJ clients, and use that information to drive, improve and disrupt traditional models of care. CHART’s goal is to contribute effective, evidence-based, and client-centered program approaches to local and national dialogues.

CHART’s initial, but not exclusive focus, is to further develop our abilities to identify and aid victims of human trafficking.  Since roughly 10-20% of youth experiencing homelessness at CHNJ have been subject to trafficking, through experience and research in the past few years, we have become a leading expert in the state to serve victims of trafficking.  In fact, in late 2020 we were awarded a grant from the State of New Jersey to become the lead organization to coordinate care towards trafficking victims of all ages.  That grant has been renewed again for the coming year.

Human Trafficking Initiative - Caring for Survivors (C4S)

If you believe that you or someone you know were victims of human trafficking call us at (862) 240-2453.

With an unshakable commitment to those in need, Caring for Survivors (C4S) is dedicated to providing absolute respect and unconditional love by Advocating, Listening, Learning from and Serving those who have experienced human trafficking. For more on our work with trafficking victims and our research and studies in the field, click here.

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Julia Einbond

Director, CHART


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