April 18, 2019

Allied World and Aon Participate In Company Service Day

We welcomed Allied World (AWAC) and Aon to CHNJ in early April to learn about our youth and the work we do and more importantly, to work directly with our youth in our Dove Learning Center (DLC).  AWAC and Aon are members of the insurance community which has been a key, long time supporter of CHNJ.

After an overview of the work we do at CHNJ, AWAC and Aon heard directly from two of our youth in a Q&A format.  They described their circumstances that led them into homelessness and ultimately to CHNJ.  They also discussed their experiences here at CHNJ and the work they are doing to transition to independent living.

But the most engaging part of the day was when we broke up into small groups with our youth at the DLC to produce videos about the right way and wrong way to behave in the workplace.  These “life skills” are essential for all of us to navigate successfully in today’s world, but can be missing in our youth who have had to survive in very tough environments that often require “fight or flight” behavior to survive.  Enhancing these soft skills are essential for them to successfully transition to the workplace and ultimately to independent living.

Thank you AWAC and Aon for joining us to support our youth and our work.  

If your company is interested in joining us for a Service Day experience, please contact Janette Scrozzo via email or at 973 286-3544.