May 6, 2022

Caring for Our Moms and Babies

Happy Mother’s Day to all including all our past and present moms at Raphael’s Life House (RLH). RLH serves young women facing homelessness who are currently under 21 years of age, are pregnant, or have one child less than 1 years of age who is in her custody. While at RLH, our new moms participate in a structure that promotes healthy parenting and equips them to support themselves and their children.

We’re Making a Difference for Moms and Babies Facing Homelessness

The halls of RLH are mostly filled with the sound of newborn baby cries, toddler giggles and little feet. Simultaneous with those sounds is the feeling of eager anticipation of other moms preparing for their little one’s arrival. Often heard is our staff encouraging the moms, calling them over for a class in the Dove Learning Center or into the kitchen for a snack. Often felt is the feeling of home.

Because of this connection that our staff make with our youth, you would be surprised to know that more often than you’d expect, some bigger-sized kid’s shoes walk through the door. These are the kids returning to the place where their moms brought them home as a newborn. Listen to our very own Kyllian Coraggio share her most recent experience at RLH with one of our returning moms and her children.

This Mother’s Day you might be among the hundreds of thousands of celebrated women, as a Mom, Mom-to-be, Bonus Mom, Stepmom, Mom who stepped up and filled in, Mom not yet being called “Mom”, Single Mom, Caregiver, Grandmother, Aunt, among hundreds of other titles of females that are looked up to as a loving and inspiring adult. There is one thing that we know for sure. No matter what seat you sit in, today we celebrate you. We celebrate for being in our family, and being that ONE caring adult to not only give love to your family, but also to our moms and babies at RLH.

It is because of YOU that we can provide our wonderful caring for our moms and babies that keeps our kids coming back for years to come. Raphael’s Life House is built on more than just programs, structure, education, shelter, and food. What are our alumni returning for? Every bit of the same thing you return back to your parent’s house for, if you are among the lucky ones that can still return to your parents.

You return for that familiar feeling of the living room or kitchen chair you sink into on a rough day. You return for that reliable person on the other side of the counter who

knows just what to say, unending support no matter what crazy idea you have or difficult choice you are making, unlimited hours they let you vent, the unconditional love. Yes, the UNCONDITIONAL love.

Our moms will always find this at Raphael’s Life House and that is why they come back. As you know, being a Mom doesn’t stop when our kids leave the nest….It doesn’t stop here at Raphael’s Life House either.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us.