April 15, 2024

CHNJ Proudly Celebrates Women’s History Month

Celebrating Legacy, Leadership, and Equality

Last month, Covenant House New Jersey (CHNJ) proudly celebrated Women’s History Month and the inspiring women who have made significant contributions to our community. We celebrated the legacy and achievements of women throughout history. Women’s History Month serves as a reminder of the countless contributions women have made to society. 

It also afforded us the opportunity to emphasize to our youth that they are not defined by homelessness.  It is just a temporary phase in their lives through which we help them navigate. They should have dreams and aspirations just like any other young adult.  

In April, we hosted a luncheon focused on women’s empowerment featuring a panel of leaders and alumni from the CHNJ community. Julia Einbond, CEO of CHNJ, shared a key message,

“Homelessness is temporary.  It is what you are facing; it’s not who you are. Being a woman is a part of who you are. Women  having children deserve a safe place to live and go to work. Especially when some women choose to have children, they need flexibility at their job, so they can move forward at the same pace as a man. They should always have all the opportunities – some employers and housing systems don’t understand that. We need to remove obstacles so women can move forward.”

Julia Einbond, CEO of CHNJ

The event emphasized the importance of recognizing women’s contributions, breaking down barriers, and creating a more inclusive and equal society. CHNJ alumnae Monae F. said, “As women we cannot afford to self-deprecate in a world that isn’t kind to us.  I thought I wasn’t cool enough to be on this panel, but I remembered I’ve done the work and I am able to be confident. As women it’s important to keep the promises you make to yourself.” 

Men in leadership need to make the table big enough for women to advance,“ shared Senior Director of Development, Janette Dubenizic. She went on to note that this agency has done that and helped her find her voice and her purpose.

Julia Einbond shared, “Representation matters. When people look up to their leaders and see themselves they recognize a woman can be a leader in an organization this large.”

Edego Gayle, Coordinator of Service Management, stated, “It’s crucial to recognize the power women have, to increase the voice of women and provide equal access to resources, training, and entrepreneur opportunities. Education is the key.”

Celebrating Women’s History Month in Atlantic City

CHNJ also proudly celebrated Women’s History Month at our Atlantic City site. The Theta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority hosted a memorable evening in the community focused on women’s health. Registered Nurses provided valuable health tips and information, addressing questions from our youth. The event fostered an open dialogue, allowing the youth to engage with women who are experts in their field. Our youth also enjoyed hands-on activities promoting self-care and well-being.