March 23, 2020

Christian’s Story

Christian age 20, grew up in Asbury Park with his mother, grandmother and siblings. His mother was both a mom and dad to him, teaching him everything he knew. He finished high school then got a job at The Asbury Hotel and applied to Brookdale Community College. 

Then without any notice, his life changed overnight. Before starting college his mother suffered from cardiac arrest and passed away suddenly. He was left with no parent to love and no support and had nowhere to live. 

Christian soon met Meg at the Kula Cafe and he described it as a great day. She was very kind and helped him to get a job at the cafe then at Jersey Shore Hospital. After 10 months working, Christian needed more help and he was introduced to Karen from Covenant House in Asbury. 

Both women helped him move from his aunt’s house into a room he could rent. While it was tough to manage bills, they both helped him with groceries, clothes and personal care items. Then, they told Christian about the new house they were building in Asbury Park. 

The day he got the tour of the house, he was filled with hope about his future, for the first time since losing his mother. With a beautiful, safe and new place to call home, Christian would have the ability to continue working, start saving and go back to Brookdale Community College to get a degree in Developmental Psychology. 

To be living at the Rights Of Passage program and take advantage of all it had to offer, was truly a life changing opportunity towards the independent life he aspired to have.

He knows this is the life his mother would have wanted for him and all he wanted was to make her proud.