September 11, 2023

Get Involved – Sleep Out at MetLife Stadium

Want to get involved in helping youth facing homelessness and victims of human trafficking? Become part of the movement by sleeping out at MetLife Stadium on December 7th. For the fifth year in a row, NY Giants start running back, Saquon Barkley, will be chairing the Sleep Out, but this year he’s invited us to “his” house.  

For just one night, we ask you to join us to support our work with youth facing homelessness and survivors of human trafficking by giving up your bed. Participating in a Sleep Out is a bold action that pushes the boundaries of comfort and demonstrates the power of a community when it unites against youth homelessness and human trafficking. By joining, you become a fierce advocate, shining a spotlight on the unacceptable realities faced by our youth and survivors of human trafficking. It’s a chance to disrupt indifference, ignite empathy, and be part of a caring community dedicated to providing shelter, support, and resources to those who need it most. Get ready to step into the night, awaken your compassion, and spark a fire of change.

You won’t be alone in joining us. Since 2011, over 10,000 participants like you have raised roughly $18 million to support our work! Join us as an individual or join as a team with friends, family or colleagues to support our work. Teams from such notable organizations as Accenture, Audible, Cisco, Delta, NY Giants, Salesforce, Samsung and more have all joined us over the years to support youth facing homelessness and survivors of human trafficking.

“All you have to do is take the time to get to know the kids at Covenant House New Jersey to see how good they are…they’re resilient, brave, funny and talented. These are great kids and their futures are filled with potential. These kids deserve the best we have to offer. Support my efforts and sleep out.”

Saquon Barkley

Get involved and become part of the movement! Join Saquon and make a difference in the lives of youth facing homelessness by coming to MetLife Stadium on December 7th. It’s just one night out of your lives.

You can learn more about the work we do at Covenant House in this video. You can learn more about the Sleep Out and register here.