September 28, 2023

Make a Difference in Atlantic City

On November 21st, 2013, 28 people from different walks of life came together to make a difference in Atlantic City. They participated in Covenant House New Jersey’s first NJ on-site Sleep Out fundraiser. There were several business owners, a teacher, a chef, a pastor, a waitress, and many other professionals represented. They learned about our services to young people such as Bendalie, listened to their stories, and took a bus tour through the streets of Atlantic City. In doing so, they could see first-hand where many of our young people had been before coming to our doors. Finally, they gathered in our AC courtyard and slept out in the chilly night. Through peer to peer fundraising, they raised over $86,000 to help keep youth facing homelessness off the street and in safe beds. 

10 years later, our AC community is still sleeping out, with many of the original participants back each year. Many local businesses have supported the event financially and with teams as it has continued to grow. To date, over $1 million has been raised from the Atlantic City Sleep Out!  Listen to Steve Frankel, a 10 year participant in our Sleep Out, on why he sleeps out each year to support our work.

Listen to Steve Frankel share why he sleeps out each year

What is a Sleep Out?

Sleep Out is a transformative overnight experience where our youth, partners, volunteers, and staff all come together in solidarity, either virtually or in-person. The night includes a series of impactful programs and workshops, then everyone sleeps outside overnight. In the morning there is a time for reflection with everyone that is always very moving. Prior to the event, sleepers raise money through peer to peer fundraising.

For just one night, we ask you to join us to support our work with youth facing homelessness and survivors of human trafficking by giving up your bed. Participating in a Sleep Out is a bold and gritty experience that pushes the boundaries of comfort and challenges the status quo. By joining, you become a fierce advocate, shining a defiant spotlight on the harsh realities faced by our youth and survivors of human trafficking. It’s a chance to disrupt indifference, ignite empathy, and be part of a caring community dedicated to providing shelter, support, and resources to those who need it most. Get ready to step into the night, awaken your compassion, and spark a fire of change.

Ready to join the AC community to support on work? For just one night out of your lives, join us on Friday November 10th in Atlantic City by registering here.

2013 Sleep Out Atlantic City