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Date: 07/08/2019

As a frequent supporter of Covenant House New Jersey, Accenture saw ways to re imagine and  transform a bland but functional educational space for our youth in the Dove Learning Center (DLC). Through a curriculum project aligned with two of our five key cornerstones of youth engagement, Employment and Social navigation, it brought together the passions of Jan Percival, who led her team during this project. “I love digital technology, interior design and helping people,” she said.

Keeping the basics like the flat screen TV and enough seating for 12, the Accenture team went to work. With hopes of welcoming, inspiring and soothing youth in this new space, the team wanted a more homey feel for the 45 youth that live here and the many others who use the DLC’s day services. The DLC has been a transformation in the way we serve our youth as we give them the skills to transition to independent living.  The DLC is focused on resiliency and our five cornerstones of Employment, Financial Literacy, Physical and Mental Wellbeing, and Social Navigation.

On June 14th, twelve Accenture volunteers came in for a day of service and transformed that dull space that once had yellow walls and a single table, to a blue rug, bright blue welcoming walls, plants everywhere, inspirational signs, storage, different decorated seats, a coffee station with snacks and best of all, a wall where youth can write inspirational quotes to motivate each other. And in addition to the labor to assemble that space, they also brought a $10,000 check to make it all happen.

We thank you Jan and your team at Accenture for putting TLC in our DLC and enabling us to help serve more youth.  As a national partner of ours, your support across Covenant House in so many varied and effective ways has made you a wonderful partner and great friend of ours.

Are you a youth in need of help?