January 11, 2022

Our Work In Aiding Trafficking Survivors

January 11th is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  Roughly 10% of the youth who find CHNJ, have experienced human trafficking.  Yes, it occurs right here in NJ.  Our program called Care for Survivors (C4S) has become a key part of our work.

At CHNJ, we continue to be committed to improving the way we serve our youth.  Over the past several years, we have done research work on how to best serve the survivors of trafficking.  Those efforts have been the foundation of how we more quickly identify survivors of trafficking and how we better serve their needs with specialized counseling and housing opportunities.  So, we developed a four question test screening tool (QYIT) which is highly predictive for lifetime experiences of trafficking.  As a result, the tool has rolled out to agencies across the state and country.

Additionally, our work has also led the State of NJ to award us a grant to become the lead agency in coordinating services for individuals who have experienced Human Trafficking.  That award resulted in us providing case management last year to over 100 labor-trafficking victims recovered during the FBI investigation of the Hindu Temple under construction in Central NJ.

I’m proud of the work the team is doing to better serve individuals who have experienced human trafficking.  Our work affords them opportunities to move forward from their experience with supportive case management relationships and real resources to find and maintain safe housing and stability. It’s a population that has been under served for many years. Thanks to all in the CHNJ community who are making these efforts possible.

Julia Einbond, Director CHART

Julia Einbond leads our work with C4S and the CHART – Covenant House Action and Research Tank.

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