June 1, 2024

Recognizing Key Members of Our Community

LaMonica McIver, Accenture and Saint Peter’s Prep Receive Awards

We are proud to be recognizing key members of the Covenant House New Jersey (CHNJ) community who have exhibited extraordinary commitment to our young people and mission.  On Wednesday May 29th, at our Night of Broadway Stars event, we were pleased to recognize:

Community Impact Award – LaMonica McIver, Newark City Council President

LaMonica McIver is the current Newark City Council President, but she has been a long time supporter of CHNJ and the youth we serve.  As a person of influence in the City of Newark, she has worked tirelessly to help get more youth off the streets and into shelter with support services provided to give them a brighter future.  In addition to being a significant influencer in the community, she also serves as a wonderful role model for our youth.

LaMonica McIver Receives Community Impact Award

Reflecting her strong beliefs in the importance of housing, McIver noted, “I think housing is a just right and on top of that (individuals should) be provided with the resources that they need to sustain that home.”  

Julia Einbond, CEO of CHNJ, commented on LaMonica, “She has been one of my favorite people to speak with when we’re talking about how to radically transform the situation of unhoused young people right here in the City of Newark.”

Congratulations LaMonica and thank you for all you do for CHNJ and the youth we serve.  Watch our tribute to LaMonica here.

Corporate Responsibility Award – Accenture

Accenture has been a long time partner of CHNJ in multiple ways.  Whether via onsite Service Days, Sleep Outs or programmatic consulting support such as at our Dove Learning Center, Accenture has been there to support us.  

As a partner to our work with victims of human trafficking, Julia Einbond commented, “Accenture was one of our first corporate partners to recognize the importance of our anti-trafficking work.  They shared with us some of the global work they were doing to combat human trafficking and invited us to be collaborators on new solutions that could help in New Jersey.” 

Julia Einbond, CEO of CHNJ
Accenture Receives Corporate Responsibility Award

Jenny McNeil, Managing Director at Accenture noted their involvement across numerous projects and commented, “When we think about corporate citizenship, there are a lot of organizations with which we spend time, but this one (CHNJ) just has a huge impact on every single employee who spends time with the people there.”

Congratulations Accenture and thank you for all you do for CHNJ and the youth we serve.  Watch our tribute to Accenture here.

Student Impact Award – Saint Peter’s Prep

Student Sleep Outs have been a real win/win for both CHNJ and students and their schools.  In FY24, Student Sleep Outs from roughly 30 schools raised approximately $535,000 to support our work.  While raising significant revenue to help the youth we serve, Sleep Outs have also provided valuable teaching moments and opportunities to serve for the students who participate.

We are pleased to recognize Saint Peter’s Prep this year for their outstanding work with us.  Over the course of the past five years, over 700 students have participated in Sleep Outs raising over $200,000.  The number of students has grown from 45 in 2019 to 193 in 2024.

Saint Peter’s Prep Receives Student Impact Award

Reflecting on the teaching moments emanating from our Sleep Out, Keith J. Cummings, Assistant Director of Campus Ministry commented, “My hope when it comes to service for the students is that it doesn’t end here (at Saint Peter’s).  That they see the importance of carrying that for the rest of their lives.”

Congratulations to Saint Peter’s Prep and thank you for all you do for CHNJ and the youth we serve.  Watch our tribute to Saint Peter’s Prep here.

It’s so wonderful to be recognizing key members of our community for all their support. We are so very grateful for the dedication and leadership of LaMonica McIver, Accenture and Saint Peter’s Prep.  Thank you for all that you have done for us.

Saint Peter’s Prep
LaMonica McIver

We also wish to thank the wonderful community who joined us for A Night of Broadway Stars.  The event raised over $1.7M thanks to many wonderful corporations and individuals who believe in us and our work with youth facing homelessness and victims of human trafficking.