August 23, 2019

Shawn’s Story

I had been a DYFS case for as long as I could remember. I had gone through seven different foster homes and experienced so much abuse.

In one home, I was forced to live in the basement. In another home, I was forced to kneel on uncooked rice as punishment.

Desperately seeking love and a feeling of family I longed for, I resorted to the streets and joined a gang. I began to sell drugs and was arrested soon after, for drug possession, assault and resisting arrest. This was my first offense.

I had no place to go after being released, that is when I turned to Covenant House.

In only 90 days of being at The Cov, I was able to go to court with the on site Staff Attorney and have all my charges terminated. If convicted, I was on the verge of facing 5 years in jail. When the judge found out I was getting my life together here in Newark, I was given a second chance that changed everything.

I am studying to get my GED next month and have a job that pays $13.50 per hour. None of this would be possible without Covenant House.