November 22, 2021

Sleep Out a Big Success

On November 18th, 202 participants helped make Sleep Out: Executive Edition a big success by raising $1.35 million (and still counting) to support CHNJ.  From living rooms, backyards, front porches and more, participants gave up their bed for just one night. In the process, they raised funds and awareness for the work we do.

Prior to sleeping out, the participants heard from a variety of speakers via online programming. They heard Executive Director Jim White chat with two of our youth, Krys and Nicholas, about their stay at CHNJ and how they have embraced many of our services. Despite the challenges they have faced, they are now working, going to school, saving money and developing resilience to ultimately transition to independent living.

Participants also heard from Lenwood and Jamila who came to CHNJ in their teens. When they arrived at our shelter, they were hopeless, angry and not trusting others. Today, they both have graduated from college and both have families. Lenwood is employed in the Accounting area of the Port Authority. He is also working per diem at our shelter in Newark giving back, knowing firsthand what it means for a young person that has lost hope. Jamila is starting her first professional job on December 1st, as a social worker at a Newark charter school, looking to impact others in a meaningful way. The school is just a few blocks away from the shelter where she once lived.

Participants also heard from Saquon Barkley and James Bradberry, star players of the NY Giants, along with Ally Strangeby, VP of Community Relations on why they support CHNJ. To further that engagement, the NY Giants announced $50,000 of new support for us.

Thank to all our participants and sponsors for an amazing event. To learn more about the event, click here.