September 22, 2022

Sleep Out and Transform Lives

Sleep Out to transform the lives of youth facing homelessness. Our Sleep Outs are overnight experiences where our community comes together to support the youth facing homelessness we serve. The night includes a series of impactful programs and workshops, then everyone hunkers down and sleeps outside overnight at (1) one of our CHNJ sites, (2) virtually at their homes or (3) at a location of their choice.

Watch this video to learn more about sleeping out. Listen to our Executive Director, Jim White, talk about these moving events and also hear directly from some of our past participants and youth on their personal experiences with Sleep Outs. Understand the power of sleeping out and why they keep doing so year after year. Understand how important it is for you to join us for just one night, to support our great work with youth facing homelessness. By just giving up one night this year, you can make a difference in the lives of the youth at CHNJ.

Jim White, Executive Director, CHNJ

What it’s really about, is love. Love often requires us to step out of our comfort zone, doesn’t it? (It’s) what we really want to do for others…and so for one night, we sleep out in solidarity with our young people. Many of our young people who’ve come to us each day have had to sleep on the streets with nowhere to go. So for that one night, we step out of that comfort zone in love and in solidarity with our young people. And we also ask you to raise money, which is also out of our comfort zone too, isn’t it? But that’s what love looks like.

Jim White, Executive Director, CHNJ

How Sleep Out Works

The funds raised by Sleepers and Sponsors through Sleep Out are a lifeline for youth overcoming homelessness. The movement includes executives, professionals, students, influencers, and individuals from across the state. Every participant sends a clear message to our youth that they are not alone.

Become a champion for our youth today by participating in one of our upcoming Sleep Outs.

Find our upcoming Sleep Outs here.