November 22, 2022

The Impact We Are Having on the Problem

As a learning organization, data is essential to help us determine the impact we are having on youth facing homelessness and survivors of human trafficking. That data reflects how we are doing and how we can better serve our clients. One of our more recent initiatives, CHART – Covenant House Action Research Tank, has been central in our agency data gathering and analysis efforts.

In FY22, our reach expanded to serve 1,248 young people across our core programs and services vs. 801 in the prior fiscal year. Those services translated to 59,351 nights (FY 21: 54,750) of housing provided to our youth. On average, 156 youth slept in a Covenant House NJ bed each night vs. 150 in the prior fiscal year. We also provided services to 149 survivors of human trafficking mostly through working with government and law enforcement agencies. We continue to be the designated lead agency in the State of NJ to serve these victims. Our complete FY22 Impact Report can be found here.

In FY22, we continued to expand the work and reach of CHART. In addition, to our work serving youth and victims of human trafficking here in NJ, CHART’s work has extended to providing advisory services across North and Central America for other Covenant House sites as well as independent agencies, including the Federal Government. For more on who and where those advisory services are being provided, learn more here.

Unfortunately, the need for our services has escalated in FY22 and continues to worsen in FY23. In mid-November, we have roughly 30 youth on our waiting list to access shelter at CHNJ as all our beds are currently at capacity.

We are proud of our efforts and successes in FY22. However, we are saddened to see increasing demand for those services into FY23, particularly as enter the holiday season. We remain most grateful for all that our supporters do to help us provide for this increasing demand. We will continue to embrace those individuals with our pledge “To Do More”.