✅ Independent Living

Rights of Passage


Our Next Step in Transitioning Youth to Independent Living

The Rights of Passage (ROP) Program provides an apartment style supportive living and learning environment for youth ages 18 – 21. At ROP, residents can stay for 18 months and are responsible for buying and preparing their own meals, saving money, and learning more skills that strengthen their readiness for apartment living.  We hold weekly success planning meetings as well as 24/7 onsite staffing provided at each of our three locations in Asbury Park, Atlantic City and Newark. Entrance requirements vary according to site.  All CHNJ services are free of charge.

At the end of our continuum of care our Housing Specialists step in and provide case management and service referrals for youth who are searching for and living in their own apartments.



Does ROP require an out-of network referral for residency?

CHNJ does not require a referral for residency with their programs.

What if I age out while I am within the 18 months?

As long as you enter ROP while you are 21 years old you will be permitted to live there for the duration of 18 months.

Is there a way I can use the services at ROP without being a resident?

To utilize the ROP services you must be a resident. However, non-residential services are available at both Youth Engagement Centers in Newark and Atlantic City.

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