April 14, 2020

Sam’s Story

Sam moved into The Rights of Passage housing in Asbury Park in October 2018, after being kicked out of his house. 

Things were not easy living with his father, stepmother, and younger siblings, which led to Sam leaving, unable to handle the fighting, and the toxic environment. 

Like many of the youth who find their way to the doors of Covenant House, they first couch surf until they can’t anymore. A friend told Sam about Covenant House, as he was one of the first residents of the Rights Of Passage program. 

His friend moved out after getting a job, got his own apartment and went to school. All of which are goals Sam wants to achieve, too. He has ambitions of graduating and get his plumbing license. Currently, he works two jobs and is saving as much as he can, so he can one day leave and provide for himself. 

Sam says the best decision he ever made was walking through the doors of Covenant House. He commends the staff for their caring nature and ability to listen and help kids like him reach his goals.