November 15, 2023

Nancy’s Place Renovation – Yet Another Top Reason to Support Covenant House New Jersey

Another top reason to support Covenant House New Jersey (CHNJ) is Nancy’s Place, which has undergone a comprehensive renovation to offer a safe, nurturing, and fully equipped environment. Nancy’s Place is an 18-month program for youth aged 18 – 21 facing homelessness who have made their mental health and wellness their priority. In this family-like setting each resident has a private bedroom and a shared bathroom, kitchen, and family room. Staffed 24/7, residents can focus on self care and skill building like cooking, keeping and maintaining their living space, and connecting to community resources. 

Nancy’s Place interior was just renovated

Unveiling the Renewed Hope at Nancy’s Place

On November 6th, our CHNJ family came together for a momentous event—the unveiling of the newly renovated Nancy’s Place. The transformation was nothing short of remarkable, as Nancy’s Place underwent a full overhaul, from top to bottom. It is now fully equipped with new bedrooms and remodeled bathrooms. It also has a larger, more updated kitchen, study rooms, a designated peace-space, and donated art that adorns many of the walls and common spaces.

Willis and Nancy King (center), Founder of Nancy’s Place, along with Jim White and Julia Einbond

The event was a beautiful demonstration of excitement and compassion. It drew a remarkable turnout of Covenant House community leaders who came to support and tour the young people’s fresh new living environment. Among those who spoke at the event was Nancy King, a board member and founder of Nancy’s Place. Her words resonated with compassion and heartfelt dedication to the cause. She reflected on the impact of Nancy’s Place over the years and the importance of continuous growth and improvement. Nancy was joined by our CEO, Julia Einbond, and Board Chairman John Berger, as well as Nancy’s Place alumnus, Nicholas Wright.

Our Work at Nancy’s Place

During their first days and weeks at the Youth Engagement Center, youth meet our behavioral health specialist and participate in an assessment of their mental health. For youth who have mental health diagnoses, Nancy’s Place becomes an option for a longer term residential stay. Their stay at Nancy’s Place is a heartfelt choice. It is the shared aim of not only offering a supportive living environment that nurtures the skills needed to thrive in the future, but also a respite to focus on addressing their mental health challenges.

Nancy’s Place is more than just a residence; it’s a community, a place where eight young individuals have the opportunity to live like a family. They come together to cook, dine, and share meals. After they move on, they reminisce about the warmth and camaraderie that often evokes cherished memories of a home.

Another Top Reason to Donate to Covenant House New Jersey – Nicholas

Nicholas, a former resident, who joined Nancy’s Place in August of 2020 also attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Back in 2020, he shared,

“I’m making a conscious effort to live harmoniously, adhering to our house rules, and I’ve forged meaningful friendships. My sights are set on independence, and I am meticulously tending to my mental and physical well-being.”

Nicholas, former resident

Nancy’s Place has been a catalyst for Nicholas’s journey. Here, he cultivated essential life skills, mastering the art of cooking and grocery shopping, and fostering self-sufficiency. Meals prepared in the communal kitchen have become a cherished part of his life.

But Nicholas continues to do more and serves as a beacon of inspiration. He now works as an analyst for the medical technology team at Johnson & Johnson. He specializes in software development and writing. Nicholas’s personal journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of compassion and community at Nancy’s Place. He reminds us that each resident charts a unique path, fueled by determination. They are also guided by the unwavering support of a community.

Nancy’s Place is not just a residential program; it’s a haven where residents find their safety net and their nurturing home. It continues to be a radiant beacon for young adults in need of wraparound support. It is yet another top reason to support Covenant House New Jersey.

November 2023 Ribbon Cutting
New Kitchen
New Living Room