April 23, 2021

Breyer Horses Partners to Help Covenant House

Breyer Horses has been a great partner to CHNJ since 2011. They are taking their support to an exciting new level in 2021 by partnering with Covenant House to introduce their model horse of the year for 2021 named Hope. For generations, Breyer has consistently maintained its position as the premier brand of horse models and collectibles, with an unmatched commitment to authenticity, quality, and realism, continuing a legacy that began in 1950 and is just as relevant today.

Hope is now being marketed and sold by Breyer, and $1 from every sale will be donated to Covenant House New Jersey to support the great work we do. Hope is a beautiful model horse with a name so fitting for 2021 and equally fitting for the youth we serve. Many youths who find their way to our doors come from dysfunction and trauma, often resulting in a feeling of hopelessness. At Covenant House, in addition to providing food, shelter, and an array of other services to transition those youth to independent living, we provide Hope to those youth. Check out the press release announcing this great partnership.

Thank you, Breyer, for supporting our work for so many years and partnering with us to create “Hope”! Click here for an inspiring 30-second video about Hope and our partnership.  

An early review of Hope on Amazon: Great Horse supporting a Great Organization

“My daughter was delighted to receive HOPE. The Horse is beautifully decorated; her favorite part is the heart on HOPE’s face. I was even happier to see that a portion of each sale is donated to Covenant House to support homeless teens.”