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Date: 09/14/2020

Twenty-one-year-old Jeremiah had many blessings to count during the current pandemic; he was still working his security job at Tropicana, had food to eat, and had a roof over his head, unlike most homeless youth. Jeremiah was able to secure employment and move to Covenant House New Jersey’s Rights of Passage program within his three months at Covenant House New Jersey, and he saved over $2,000.  

For months Jeremiah had lived with an unsupportive family member and worked a “going nowhere” job. He said coming to Covenant House New Jersey was the motivation he needed to get serious about his life.

He didn’t mind the staff pushing him to stick to his case plan and move forward. “Staff wouldn’t care if they weren’t on us.”

Jeremiah’s security job was the first step towards his dream job of being on the presidential security detail, a vision he has had since he was little. “It’s a high powered responsibility–the highest position you can have.” COVID-19 initially took his freedom of movement, which he missed. “I couldn’t go visit family or hang out with my friends. I would get upset about that sometimes”. Still, he knew he’d been luckier than most with being able to continue to work and save money. For that and for the help he received at Covenant House New Jersey, he is grateful.

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