December 1, 2021

Terrie O’Connor Realtors Support CHNJ

The Terrie O’Connor Realtors (School of Real Estate) again supported CHNJ through the work we do with pregnant moms and their babies at our Raphael’s Life House (RLH).

They held a beautiful baby shower for the moms and babies at Raphael’s Life House on November 22nd. The school welcomed their employees, along with representatives from CHNJ. Over lunch, conversation and stories were shared about the work we do at RLH. Beautiful new baby outfits, countless diapers, and even Terrie O’Connor branded onesies were donated to our moms and babies.

Coincidentally, the very same day, RLH welcomed home a new baby girl home from the hospital. 😊💕 Thanks to the Terrie O’Connor Team so many of the necessities are now provided for her and the other babies at RLH. We are so grateful to the realtors for providing the physical items needed to take care of a baby. We are also grateful for the compassion and care they’ve shown for our moms. Care and compassion are a key part of the love and support we provide at RLH.

RLH is open to young women if they are currently under 21 years of age, are pregnant, or has one child less than 1 years of age who is in her custody. While at RLH, our new moms participate in a structure that promotes healthy parenting. We equip them to support themselves and their children beyond RLH. To read more about RLH, click here or contact Kyllian Corragio via email at